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    This week marks our 1 year Anniversary! Piranha Games would like to show our extreme gratitude to all players and supporters who have put their time and money into MechWarrior Online.

    Anniversary Weekend
    On September 17th 2013 we had our exciting launch event in San Francisco. So to mark this anniversary we're celebrating this weekend with Double XP, Double XP conversion, and Mechbays for 50% off. Also during this Anniversary weekend, when you win 1 match you will earn a Cupcake Cockpit item.

    Active Player Reward
    Our 1 year Active Player Reward is for any player that has played more than 100 matches since September 17th 2013. Eligible players will receive 2,000,000 C-bills, a Mechbay, and a fun standing Cockpit item.
    Players with less than 100 matches still have the potential to earn this reward, as you have until Sept 23rd at 10:00 am PDT to hit the mark! The Active Player Reward will be injected into eligible accounts on September 23rd.

    MechWarrior Credits Reward
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    Kill a Dev Weekend Sept 12th 10 AM PDT to Sept 16th 10 AM PDT
    First 50 players to get a Dev Kill Receive 500MC and a "Killed a Dev" Hanging Item (PLayers can only win the 500 MC once)
    After the first 50 players Kill a Dev a dev kill reward is "Killed a Dev" Hanging Item (you can win multiple hanging items)

    Q. Do team kills Count?
    A. Team kills don't count
  • New Weapon Modules
    • Weapon modules are now separated into different categories in the front end.
    • Categories are: All, Range, Cooldown, and Miscellaneous.
    • Weapons cooldown modules added (up to Rank 5)
    • Reduces the cooldown effect of weapons before they are able to fire again

    UI update
    • In-game ALL chat is disabled by default. ALL chat is now an opt-in option.
    • ALL chat can be re-enabled in the Options screen.
    • The Option to turn all in-game chats on/off on a per channel basis is now supported.
    • By default, ALL chat is off, Team chat is on, Lance chat is on.
    • AMS can now be toggled on the weapon group interface.
    • ECM can now be toggled on the weapon group interface.
    Greater visual weapon customization for the Raven variants. Their appearance will better reflect the weapons that have been equipped on them.

    Bug Fixes
    ER Large Laser duration has been corrected. It is now 1.25 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds.

    We thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you on the

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